South Lake Tahoe CA
and surrounding areas

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Making old buildings beautiful.

Roots in additions, and repairs.

Our primary focus is to refine the existing, outdated 
structures. They can have potential to be lived in and enjoyed. 

We are homebuilders. As a resource for educating entry level workers, Tancon is always striving to improve our efforts.
 Every project we do has a computer model created, and updated as the building changes. This process eliminates costly mistakes, or conflictions with the mechanical and structural plans. 
As the general contractor, we follow through with management services. Each day, new products and building methods are introduced to the market. We make sure to have the research available to the installer and the end user.
About once a month, we complete a project and are rewarded by the satisfaction of seeing something come together. The gratification of seeing that time after time builds motivation, and when approaching the next project we can already visualise the finish product.